All Saints Church

Batley, West Yorkshire

About me

What is your favourite hymn?

'Peace, perfect peace is the gift of Christ our Lord' is my favourite hymn. 'Through God's gifts will the world know us'. Powerful stuff!


Who is favourite band or singer?

'Black eyed peas'. is my favourite singer. Positive feel good music. I love dance music.


What is your favourite film?

I love film - I'm a big Robert De Niro fan - take your pick. My wife Kathryn makes me watch Romantic Comedies . I'm looking forward to a De Niro/ Jennifer Aniston pair up.


What is your favourite place?

I'm torn between the Lake District and the Greek Islands.


What three personal possessions could you not do without?

My rosary prayers beads, my bible, my ipod.


What do you do to relax?

Walk the dog, listen to music, watch films, BBQing in the Summer.


What is your favourite food?

Curries, Caribbean, Italian, anything cooked by my wife - especially if there is a Jennifer Aniston film in the background


If you could invite any 5 people from history (real or fictional) to a dinner party hosted by you, who would be on the guestlist and why?

Jesus (he's real)

Mary mother of Jesus (there's so much I want to ask her)

Freddie Mercury (he can get the party started).

Mahatma Gandhi (father of a Nation).

Rosa Parks (mother of the freedom movement).


What is the most memorable thing that has happened to you since entering the priesthood?

New Year's Day 2012, marrying a couple in the morning, celebrating a Punjabi friend's 60th birthday, my wedding anniversary, then anointing a dying lady in hospital at night.


Finally, sum yourself up in 5 words

Your Vicar, Priest and Friend

The Rev'd Dr Martin Naylor trained for ordination at the College of the Resurrection, Mirfield and served his title post as Assistant Curate in the parish of All Saints Queen's Park, Bedford. Prior to ordination Martin was a government scientist in Oxford. He has counselling training and has worked for the mental health charity MIND.


Martin studied Biochemistry at Oxford University, Plant Sciences at Cambridge University, and Theology at Leeds University. He is living proof that science and God can go hand in hand, believing that the pursuit of truth is a vocation to which we are all called.


Martin loves Asian food and cooking, music and film. Originally from Hastings on the South Coast, he has since learnt how to keep a BBQ going in the rain. The natural world is a passion Martin and his wife Kathryn share with their 2 year old Irish Red Setter Merlin. All three are enjoying living in Batley and getting to know the communities in Purlwell, Batley and Hanging Heaton.